Lighting Energy Sources in Kenya

Electric and Traditional Lighting Usage per County in 2009

About this map

This map shows the prevalence of electric lighting and traditional lighting (pressure lamp, lantern, tin lamp, gas lamp, fuel/wood, solar, and other lighting energy sources) across Kenyan counties in 2009. Hover over a county to see the percentage and number of its households using each lighting source.

About the data

The number and percentage of households using electricity and traditional lighting come from the Kenya Open Data Portal. Data was acquired from the "Main Lighting Energy Sources averaged to Counties in 2009" dataset. The data present a spatial distribution of lighting energy usage across Kenya.


Electric Lighting


Traditional Lighting

Pressure Lamp:


Tin Lamp:

Gas Lamp:



Other Lighting Sources:

Number of Households per Lighting Source per County

Percent of Households Using Electricity

Electric Lighting:

Traditional Lighting: